The Amazing Jyväskylä!

The Amazing Jyväskylä!
Me at the harbor of Jyväskylä

10 April, 2014

Walking on a lake for the first time in my life!!!

Well ... this was shot in late January 2014 when the temperature dropped to -20 and the biggest lake in Jyväskylä was frozen. People were able to ski, skate and enjoy other winter sports on the lake. 

This was my first time ever seeing a frozen lake like this and being able to walk on it. 

I might have been a little bit over excited about this experience in the video below! ;))

It was my classmate Elisa, from Italy, laughing in my video and suggesting us cross the frozen lake in Kortepohja (student village) to an island. =))

The following photos were taken at the exact same spot on lake Jyväsjärvi. The one on top was in August 2013 and the one below was in January 2014.

Some other photos of the frozen Jyväsjärvi lake

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